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Comparison Flex Cure vs. Low Cure inks

Comparison Flex Cure vs. Low Cure inks

Comparison Flex Cure vs. Low Cure inks

There are a lot of different terms for inks, series, brands, etc and we're just going to touch base on the difference of International Coatings Flex-Cure and low cure inks.

FLEXCURE: exclusively from International Coatings

FlexCure™ products offer a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C). These inks can be used as low-cure inks or as standard cure inks. Simply put they provide you a little more flexibility on what you are printing on and not having to inventory multiple lines of ink.

Low cure plastisol ink refers to a type of ink used in screen printing that requires a lower curing temperature compared to traditional plastisol inks. Standard plastisol inks typically require a curing temperature of around 320-330 degrees Fahrenheit (160-166 degrees Celsius), while low cure plastisol inks can cure at temperatures as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius) or even lower.

The main advantage of low cure plastisol inks is that they allow for printing on heat-sensitive materials that cannot withstand higher temperatures. This includes fabrics made from delicate or synthetic fibers that may be prone to melting or warping under high heat. By using low cure inks, screen printers can expand their range of materials and avoid damaging or distorting the substrate.

Additionally, low cure plastisol inks can help reduce energy costs since they require less heat to cure. Lowering the curing temperature can also decrease the potential for ghosting, which is when a previously printed image transfers onto the backside of the fabric during curing.

It's important to note that low cure plastisol inks may have slightly different characteristics compared to traditional plastisol inks. They may have a different feel, opacity, or durability, depending on the specific formulation. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and perform thorough testing before using low cure inks on production runs to ensure desired results and durability.

FlexCure™ inks give printers the option to select the cure temperatures that work best for them. FlexCure™ inks can be used as Low Cure inks or can be cured at temperatures ranging to a standard 325°F (163°C°). A flexible cure range eliminates the need to stock separate lines of ink for low-cure and standard-cure production runs – a bonus to the bottom line.

Portfolio of FLEXCURE INKS

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