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Rutland EL9073 NPT SF-2 LB White Plastisol Ink

SKU RU-EL9073-5G


NPT SF LB White is opaque resulting in excellent coverage on dark garments.

If purchasing 35 Gallon Drum, must have loading dock.

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping companies are charging additional fees for oversize items. If purchasing a 5 gallon an additional $15.00 flat fee will be added per 5 gallon. If you choose to pick up / will call the order at one of our locations, we will remove the fee before processing your order.

Street Fighter 2 LB is an extremely popular day-to-day multi-purpose Low Bleed with excellent brightness, satin hand, and matte finish. Street Fighter 2 LB offers excellent bleed resistance, opacity, coverage and printability. This ink produces a satin finish with a fast flash and great fiber mat down. This low bleed is amazingly popular and versatile.

Fabric Types

Cotton/Poly Blends, Tri-Blends, Cotton


  • Street Fighter 2 LB white features a matte finish with satin hand.
  • Suited for heavier fleece style garments as well as light weight softer garments.
  • This white has an optical brightener to assure it remains bright under various light sources.
  • Contemporary finish.
  • Short body and creamy for ease of printing.

Printing Tips

It is best practice to "pre-shear" ink before introduction to the screen. Do this by "Slicing and folding" the ink with an ink knife. Do not mix with power drill, friction heat from mechanical mixers other than a "Turn about" style mixer will thicken up the ink body.

Poorly dyed polyester or too much heat in the curing process can compromise any low bleed inks ability to block dye migration

For printing on Tie-dye garments it is best to print 2 strokes / Flash / 2 strokes.

Street Fighter 2 Low Bleed contains Optical brighteners which may appear at the top of the ink bucket as a blue gel. Simply mix this back down in to the ink before introducing the ink into the screen.

If you notice Street Fighter 2 Low Bleed White "Climbing" the squeegee, the ink has not been mechanically sheared enough. Carefully transfer ink from screen back into a small bucket and shear with a paint knife by cutting, folding, and stirring the ink.

There may be potential to ghost on some fabrics due to the dyes used. Thoroughly pre-test this product on light colored or stone washed garments.

Inks will gel when surface of ink film reaches approximately 240°F / 115°C. Flash times will vary depending on type of flash-cure unit, dwell time and distance from flash panel to substrate.

Technical Data Sheet

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