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The Best DTF Printer for Production Printers

Best DTF Printer for Production Printers

If you have been looking at getting into DTF, then you must see the VELOX DTF System in action. The VELOX prints high resolution, has great feeling prints, but what sets our unit apart from the rest is the support. Every VELOX is installed by SPSI trained technicians. At the conclusion of the install they will provide an in-depth training on operation and maintenance.

There are over 50 machines installed all over the country all of which are still printing and producing amazing transfers. Every Velox is installed by our trained technicians and we train you on how to use and maintain. In additions we have free VELOX forums to give you updates, work on any printing questions you have, and introduce you to other VELOX.

SPSI is the exclusive distributor for the VELOX DTF system. We have one in operation at SPSI's Maple Grove, Office office just outside of Minneapolis, MN and one in Arlington, Texas office.  For more information -