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Tru Blue Photopolymer Emulsion

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TRU BLUE is a blue colored, one part ready-to use emulsion, for both graphic and textile applications.

The photopolymer emulsion does not require the addition of Diazo.

Physical Properties

Blue Colored

Ultra High Viscosity

Ideal for High Density

Virtually pinhole and fish eye free

Extremely Durable for long print runs

Outstanding resolution and edge definition

50% solids

Viscosity - 15,000 cps


Handle under yellow safelight conditions.


TRU BLUE is a one part emulsion that does not require a diazo to be added. Use straight from container.

Mesh Preparation

It is important to have a clean dry screen before you

apply the emulsion. To achieve this use a good degreaser - SPSI Tru Blue Degreaser.

Coating Procedure

Use a clean coating trough that has a smooth edge without nicks or burrs. Coating environment should be in a clean light safe area with 65% humidity level.

1. Apply one or two coats of emulsion to the print side.

2. Reverse the screen and apply one or two coats to the

squeegee side. (video


Dry the screen in a horizontal position with the print side down in a clean dry room. Follow these guidelines to ensure complete drying:

86° to 104 ° F

30% to 50% relative humidity

Good air circulation

*To achieve the desired humidity levels the use of a dehumidifier is recommended


For best results use an exposure calculator to determine the exact exposure time. Proper exposure is determined by a emulsion type, emulsion thickness and exposure unit type.

Data Sheet

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