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Serilor LC-3 Squeegee / Durometer: 55 / 90 / 55 (Orange)

SKU EU-559055P0

A new polyurethane formulation to achieve performance at an attractive price.


Available in a limited range of dimensions/hardness combinations, serilor®LC is the right choice for non-critical applications ranging from textile to graphic printing.

Particularly effective when high speed automatic printing equipment is used, serilor®LC3 has a 90shA hard center layer for support, ideal for fine lines and halftone printing.

Using Triple durometer squeegees will extend your squeegee life, help prevent dot gain, and generate immediate savings on ink and other consumable through better control of the squeegee pressure.


  • Competitively priced
  • Non-compromising performances
  • Easy sharpening
  • Color coded for quick identification


  • Textile printing
  • Graphics multi-purpose
  • Ideal for use with less aggressive solvents

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