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MHM Flash Dryer QC 4170 MW


All units will fit easily (tools-free) into any print station, eliminating the requirement for additional floor space around the press.

MHM created an industry first by combining unique carbon emitters which produce the precise wavelength for fast even curing along with computer-designed reflectors to ensure precise distribution of both air and radiated heat.

Microprocessor-driven controllers incorporated in every model provide accurate control over intensity and time, ensuring the fastest possible production rates, coolest cure and greatly reducing the requirement for cooling stations.

A cable is supplied with each unit to enable full communication with the press, allowing the operator to control all parameters directly from the MHM touch screen display, providing greater convenience and minimizing press stoppage.

The MW is Medium Wave carbon lamps. The lamps are designed to pulse, this means that automatics equipped with MW carbon lamps are far more energy-efficient than automatic presses with regular tungsten lamps. The tungsten lamps are not energy efficient and will end up costing you more in the long run. The power consumption does not spike on initial start-up, this ensures a large number of automatic presses can be started at the same time without the risk of overloading fuses.


  • Start delay
  • High Power level
  • Normal standby level
  • Low standby level
  • The time before the low standby level is activated
  • Drying time

Shipping Dimensions : 48" x 24" x 12"  60lbs

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